La Valija Informativa, 19-VII-014

La Valija Informativa, 19-VII-014.

Storing Words: An Alternative to Trash

Live to Write - Write to Live

WiddecombTableSince my mother died nearly two years ago, Dad’s been sifting through their belongings. Even though they’d downsized twice before, they’d accumulated lots of stuff during their sixty-six year marriage. What was left were the important pieces: the handcrafted cherry bed, a velvet sofa, hundreds of objets, and the dining room set.

These are beloved pieces, each with its own story, but none appropriate for Dad’s new digs. He’s preparing to downsize from a spacious two-bedroom apartment, complete with dining room and kitchen, into a single room in a comfortable assisted-living home for seniors.

Every time I’ve visited my dad in recent months, I’ve helped him sort through his stuff – and decide what to save, what to divest. The kitchen is easy: he won’t need any pots or dishes at his new place, but the bigger pieces are harder. The dining room set, for instance, is by a…

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There’s a metaphor in there, somewhere

Hizo Crac la globalización. Salvador Flores Llamas

Hizo Crac la globalización. Salvador Flores Llamas.