Weekend Edition – Writers Who Dream Plus Good Reads and Writing Tips

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To sleep, perchance to dream …

Image by @alijardine on Instagram Image by @alijardine on Instagram

Do you ever wake from a dream and, for a moment, have trouble discerning which is more real – your nighttime vision or the four walls around your bed? I have always had vivid dreams. They play out on the darkened stage of my inner eye like movies, complete with soundtracks, dramatic camera angles, and sensible sequences of events. When I was a child, I would regale my mother with detailed retellings over the breakfast table. Most of the time, I think she was amused; but sometimes I am sure the nature of my reveries perplexed or even worried her.

I do not claim to have any special dream interpretation skills, but I do enjoy exploring my dreams with an eye for stories and themes. I am not alone in this pastime. Margaret Atwood, Stephen KingMaurice…

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