Small Writing – Big Changes

Live to Write - Write to Live

miniature bookWhen you imagine success as a writer, what does it look like? Do you see yourself sitting on the couch across from your favorite late night host, exchanging witty banter about your latest bestseller? Do you think about receiving honorary degrees from prestigious schools just before delivering awe-inspiring commencement speeches that go viral on YouTube? Do you see yourself traveling from your writing cabin in upstate New York to your cottage on the Cape to your creative hideaway in the Pacific Northwest? Do you picture yourself on set, consulting with the director on the film adaptation of your latest runaway hit?

It’s okay. There’s no need to blush.
Maybe you have more modest dreams, but many of us would admit – if pressed – to having Big Dreams for our writing careers. There’s nothing wrong with that. We writers are known for our imaginations, after all. We have…

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