No Snow for Me

Gold Can Stay

IMG_5127“Oh, my goodness, sweetie, isn’t this beautiful?”

“It’s like a winter wonderland!”

“This is just so, so pretty, don’t you think?”

Since winter started two weeks ago, these are some of the exaltations I have overheard other mothers say to their young children as they marvel together at nature’s majesty and their children’s ensuing, purportedly contagious, feelings of wonder.

It should warm my heart; it really should.  But it doesn’t.  It makes me first question if they’re serious because, truly, after any snow’s first fall, there is nothing beautiful, wonderland-like, or pretty about it.  It’s dangerous, messy, filthy, and is literally a pain to move out of our way.

Then these mothers’ sweet words make me feel bad because here is what I say to my four-year-old as he basks in what he believes to be the beauty of the snow:  “Come on, August, it’s cold.  Let’s get in the car. …

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