He Has His Back

Gold Can Stay

At a place that shall remain nameless on a day and at a time that shall remain shrouded, a young man, slightly older and much larger than Oscar, took it upon himself to share his thoughts on my oldest son’s name:

Ha, ha.  Oscar?!  Do you eat garbage?  Like Oscar in the trashcan?  Ha, ha, ha.

My son handled it with more aplomb than I ever would have expected, and, to be honest, more aplomb than I.  So, this post is not about his reaction to the unfortunate but all-to-prevalent teasing that is the bane of childhood.

It’s also not about bullying or teasing in general.

Or about how in an instant a typically reasonable adult human being can be reduced to a very unreasonable shell of her former self.

IMG_1212It’s about a brother’s reaction.

Edgar, when he had my ear and was away from Oscar’s, asked:  “Mom, that boy…

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