Papa Francisco. Enciclica Lumen Fidel (La Luz de la Fe)


Texto íntegro de la CEE en pdf

La encíclica, en frases

“La fe tiene una configuración necesariamente eclesial, se confiesa dentro del cuerpo de Cristo”

Jesús Bastante, 05 de julio de 2013 a las 12:01

(J. B.).- “Lumen Fidei” es un texto escrito con sencillez…

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How to brainstorm and write a story in 24 hours (or less)

Live to Write - Write to Live

I’m adding another ‘thank you‘ to Jamie’s to those of you who participated in the recent NHWN poll. Great feedback.

Onward! In April, I wrote about a 24-hour short story contest I find to be fun, stressful, inspiring, challenging, entertaining, and a great exercise for my muse. Do you see the ups and downs in that last sentence? I have a lot of emotions when writing for a contest, assignment, or a client. And I like that. If I didn’t have a mix of emotions, then I’d take that as a sign I’m too comfortable. Growth comes from pushing into the ‘uncomfy zone,’ not from the same ol’ same ol’.

With the next rendition of the contest coming this Saturday, and based on survey feedback, I thought I’d delve into some tips for writing a story or article with a deadline of a day or less.


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